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for book publishers & book sellers worldwide.

Solving Industry Challenges

The greatest challenge facing the publishing industry today is discovery. Trajectory offers unique technology and relationship based solutions.


More than English

Trajectory's algorithms can read books in English, Chinese and German in seconds. Key statistics, relationships and themes are extracted to enhance metadata and to provide recommendations to the closest matching titles.


Keywords highlight the most frequently used terms in the book.

Track the Mood

Follow the flow of sentiment throughout the book. Identify books with happy endings.


About Trajectory

Trajectory assists book publishers and book sellers identify new markets and opportunities for their content and distribution platforms. Trajectory's award winning natural language processing algorithms are changing way readers and listeners discover new books to enjoy.


Industry Innovation Award

"Trajectory has shown extraordinary technological leadership in pioneering their natural language processing engine and machine based metadata development, exemplifying BISG’s standard of developing innovative ideas to evolve the publishing industry.”

Mark Kuyper, BISG Executive Director

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